Barkbox Review

August 29th, 2012

barkbox review

I was excited to have my first Barkbox arrive on my doorstep this week! I’ve heard great things about this subscription-based service and briefly covered it not too long ago on this Subscription-Based Pet Products article. My 6 year old poodle mix, Poochie, seemed equally eager to check out the goods. Here is the complete rundown on my Barkbox.

My Barkbox came packaged in a shipping box with the companies logo prominently displayed. Barkbox allows you to select a dog size when setting up your account in addition to a monthly plan. This ensures all products are tailored (for the most part) to their specific needs. My particular box came with 3 treats, a large toy, and a freshening spray.

dog toy from barkbox
The first item I noticed was this large green stuffed animal called the Hyper Pet Slingshot Pig. This is perhaps the ‘big ticket’ item. It shoots over 100 feet and even floats in water, although I’ve yet to test its potential outside. Poochie enjoys playing indoors with it so it seems like a worthy inclusion into the toy box.

dog treats from barkbox
Next up is Bocce’s Bakery Elvis Treats. I was excited to get a treat that had great flavors dog love like peanut butter and be 100% All-Natural. I gave the pooch a taste test after a walk and he very much enjoyed it. Definitely a step above your store-bought commercial brands without the preservatives.

dog treats from barkbox
Milk Bone Trail Mix
! This will be a nice, occasional pick me up snack for the pooch after a walk on the trail.

dog chew from barkbox

The Acadia Moose Antler was a big hit with Poochie. He LOVES this chew and it’s perhaps the most popular item out of the box in that regard. (See below)

barkbox dog spray

I usually don’t use anything beyond shampoo when cleaning my dog, so I’ll be interested to see if this Nature’s Miracle Freshening Spray has any utility. He’s not too big a fan of getting squirted (what dogs are?), but I think this could serve as a good pick me up between washes.

dog testing out barkbox products

Happy pup gnawing down on the Acadia moose antler. It has almost been a week since taking this picture and the antler is still around, despite almost daily chewing sessions.

Overall our Barkbox was a hit, but I’d like see a couple more months’ contents to truly judge if it’s a worthwhile investment. If you have a friend or family member that loves their dog, I think it’ll be unique gift idea. You can choose a plan that suits your budget while keeping their dog surprised with interesting goodies. Another perk is a percentage of the proceeds from each box goes to support dog-related charities.

For more information on Barkbox visit their website. Also check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

*This was a non-sponsored review

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  2. Joe West says:

    PoochPax is another great new dog gift box.

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