Indestructible Dog Toys

April 29th, 2015

There’s no way around it – some dogs just love to shred whatever plaything they can get their teeth on.  There’s no worse feeling than finding out that new toy I got at Petsmart has been demolished a couple weeks later (much to the chagrin of my wallet!).

Alas, in comes the durable dog toys. While even the toughest of toys aren’t 100% guaranteed to withstand the test of time, there are plenty of options that dogs can’t sink their teeth into that easily. The following toys are some of the tried and true options amongst pet parents of aggressive chewers…

indestructible dog toys

1. KONG Duck Dog Toy – I love this cute little guy :) No messy filling and high quality plush material make this a great option for small-ish dogs that love squeaker toys.

2. Nylabone Just For Puppies Chew Toy – For pups going through that teething phase this should satisfy that craving just fine. This one does double-duty as the bristles will help clean teeth and prevent tartar buildup. Not a bad deal.

3. Nylabone Dental Chew Bone - Another option from Nylabone with a softer, flexible feel for moderate chewers and small dogs.

4. KONG Pudge Braidz Pig Dog Toy, Medium/Large – Again, another contender in the oh-so-cute crowd.

5. Kong Medium Puppy Toy - You can’t go wrong with Kong! These super tough toys are always a great choice and a market leader in heavy-duty options. Soothe a puppies urge to chew with the original stuffed with peanut butter and frozen for a few hours. A delicious treat!

6. JW Pet Dogs iN Action – A unique spiral design toy suitable for tugging and chewing. Here’s the version for larger dogs that want to get in on the fun too!

7. Kyjen Octopus – Your pup will be shakin’ and flappin’ these multi-leg creatures. They’re affordable so if the squeaker ever needs replaced it’s not a big hit in the wallet. Along of dogs love to just hear the unique sound of these though so will hold off chewing.

8. Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel – It’s cute watching the pups trying to retrieve the squirrels in this Kyjen classic. Perfect for dogs that love this general type of play (stuffed things, digging, hide and seek).


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Pup Survives Cancer, Can’t Stop Smiling

April 28th, 2015

I loved reading the story of Gluta. Sooner after being rescued from the streets in Thailand and placed in her forever home, is was soon discovered she was suffering from metritis (a condition that affects the uterus).

After removing her uterus doctors unfortunately found she was also suffering from cervical cancer. The tumor was removed after chemotherapy treatments and Gluta was able to fully recover, but how she reacted after getting healthy is really a sign of how much she’s had to endure and the appreciation she now has for life :)

Check out some of her pics below. I’m pretty sure she deserves a metal for being an awesome sport in the face of adversity! (Well, her book will suffice!)

gluta cancer pup

 gluta cancer pup

pup can't stop smiling

Hop on over to Instagram for more pics.

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Pitbulls in Flower Crowns

April 25th, 2015

Not gonna lie – these portraits from award-winning photographer & animal advocate Sophie Gamand are everything! :) Raising pit bull awareness is much easier with these beautiful, warm works of art from the NYC-based photographer who hand-crafts each flower crown to suit the pup.

I mean, how can you be intimidated by these gentle giants?

 pit bull flower crowns

pit bull flower power

sophie gaman pit bulls 


Follow Sophie Gamand on Instagram for more amazing portraits and to help spread awareness.

Visit Sophie Gamand Photography

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Eco-Friendly Pet Products

April 21st, 2015

Ahh… Earth Day is approaching! You can help your dog tread alittle easier this earth day with a few easy fixes. From using biodegradable bags to feeding them organic pet treats and food you can improve the well-being and health of both mother nature and your pet. To lessen your pup’s carbon pawprint, opt for toys and bedding made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers. Lastly, be sure to neuter your pet as shelters are over-run and homeless pets are everywhere taxing environmental resources. Shelters are also a great (and oftentimes overlooked!) resource when it comes time for your next pet. We have an amazing, beautiful planet to hang out on – let’s take advantage of that!

If you happen to be on the market for some pet products that are good for the planet, this post has you covered. From old favorites to a few new discoveries, you ought to check out for your wishlist needs…


eco-friendly dog products

1. Tuck Me In – PLAY Pet Lifestyle & You Bed
We’ve had a couple P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle & You products for a few years now and they’re still going strong. Both eco-friendly and stylish, they fit right into any modern pet owners home decor which is an added bonus! With every purchase of the Tuck Me In model, 10% of the proceeds go to help fight breast cancer. A real win/win in my book.

2. Boiled Wool Ball
Great for having on hand for the dog park or just an outside play session, these wool toy balls have a warm, snuggly feel and are crafted for the durability you’d expect in an organic dog toy.

3. West Paw Design Floppy Frog Squeak Toy for Dogs
West Paw Design is a trusted source for organic pet toys

4. SoulFood certified organic multivitamin for Dogs
Supplements are a great option for those dogs on a raw food diet. In many cases they deliver superior nutrient support, keep the immune system strong and ward off illness and disease keeping the odds stacked in your dog’s favor. These supplements by Dr. Dobias, licensed doctor of veterinary medicine, provide human-quality ingredients and a vitamin and mineral boost to your dog’s diet. See how I’ve used the supplement here.

5. Poop Bags By DooRight
These bags take the mess out of potty-time. Eight layers thick on the bottom these heavy-duty bags are also round to allow picking up waste to be more manageable.

6. Dutch Dog Amsterdam Dog Collar
These beauties are strong without the stiffness of woven collars. I love the array of bright, fun patterns from the Dutch Dog Amsterdam line.

7. Shear Miracle Organics Pet Pack
I’ve used Shear Miracle Organics for many years now and the ingredients really can’t be beat! All organic, vegan, gluten-free and, most importantly, cruelty-free.



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