Pet Industry News for April 18th, 2014

The latest goings-on in the pet industry, summarized below:

What You Should Know About Dogs & National Parks.

Go Orange‘ in honor of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

With Summer Closeby, Tips for Traveling With Dogs.

Additionally, Water Safety for Dogs.

DIY Easter Eggs Exclusively For Your Pooch.

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Photographer Captures Pet Dogs Left Home Alone By Their Owners


pet photographers


‘One-Dog Policy’ is an on-going photo series by Finland-based freelance photographer Maija Astikainen, in which she captures pet dogs left home alone by their owners.

These lonely pups awaiting the return of their owners have been shot in such places as Helsinki, Finland and Madrid, Spain,

pet photographers

pet photographers

View more of Astikainen’s work here.

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Breed Showcase: Ronnie of Primal Pooch

primal pooch raw dog food blog

There’s much to be praised for primal living. Not only do wild animals not experience the illnesses and diseases of modern civilization, they also get plenty of exercise and move the way their bodies were designed to. Primal Pooch – A primal living blog for man’s best friend, aims to teach the average dog owner how they can adopt a primal lifestyle for their dogs. Amy, the founder, has shared tips for transitioning to a raw food diet here before, and now she’s sharing her beloved pooch with us. Read on to learn more about him.

What’s Your Dog’s Name/Nickname?

My main man and resident Primal Pooch is named Ronnie. We call him Ron for short in addition to a host of other generally embarrassing and senseless nicknames. One of his more popular nicknames is “Mans,” “Ron mans” or a variety of “Muffin” nicknames which originated from the fact that he’s my stud muffin :)

amy of primal pooch

What Breed is Your Dog?

He’s a Cane Corso which is an Italian Mastiff.

How Old Is He/She?

He’s just shy of being two years old.

How Did You Both Come to Be Together?

I’d love to share an amazing tale of how we rescued him, but he actually came from a wonderful breeder and impressive line of accomplished pooches. You may have seen his aunt, Josie, on TV as she was the 2012 and 2013 Westminster Dog Show Best of Breed Winner.

We came to be together after I spent a few years researching dog breeds prior to purchasing my first home. I completely fell in love with Cane Corsos and began contacting breeders and looking at local animal shelters for available Corsos or other mastiff related mixed breeds. I even came super close to adopting a Cane Corso named Lucius, but that fell through. Believe it or not, trying to prove myself to an animal shelter was surprisingly exhausting and challenging.  After feeling discouraged from the whole process, I switched gears. I had been talking to a specific Cane Corso breeder (Liberty Cane Corsos) for about a year and figured it was time to pay him a visit, meet his dogs, and check out his kennel.

He excitedly expressed that he had an amazing 12-week-old male puppy that was available. Ronnie was supposed to join another kennel’s breeding program but my breeder changed his mind and was only allowing Ronnie to go to homes that were close by. I set the expectation that I was just looking and would be interested in one of his future pups. But things were too perfect to say no.We met Ronnie’s entire family, his dad Chopper and his mother Princess who were amazing. Then of course, Ronnie stole our hearts as soon as he clumsily galloped out of his crate into our laps.

But I did the unthinkable. I said no and stuck to my original plan. This was obviously the wrong decision because I felt horrible on the drive home and slept awful that night. My gut feeling told me I was making the wrong decision so no matter how shameful it felt, I sucked up my ego, and told my breeder I made a mistake. I called into work, picked up my man the next day and the rest is history.

primal pooch healthy dog food

How Would You Describe Your Dog’s Personality?

Ronnie is a person. I don’t know how else to describe him. But he’s the best of both worlds when it comes to friendliness and protective instincts.

He’s not shy in the least bit. As any protective breed should be, he’s confident and self-assured. It’s as if he’s always thinking and assessing situations. He has a calm and discerning demeanor in the way he keeps an eye on things around the home. He barks only when there’s a need and it’s a deep, impressive single bark that reminds me of Mufasa from Lion King. Not aggressive or frantic in the least bit, he notices the smallest changes in our surroundings whether the heat turns on for the first time of the year or if we’ve hung new curtains. Nothing gets past this regal protector.

Aside from his imposing image, he’s a complete softie and gentle giant. When friends and family come into our home, there is only one mission and that’s constant wiggling and securing as many soaking, wet sloppy kisses as he can. He’s also a goof ball and isn’t afraid to do flips when chasing his soccer ball or chewing his favorite toys and bones while he holds them upside down in his paws.

primal pooch

What Are Some of His/Her Favorite Playthings?

Anything that squeaks and anything that he can tear apart and completely ruin in 5 seconds. He has a deep seeded love for soccer balls and enjoys the occasional rope. In true primal pooch fashion, he loves deer or moose antlers and will be content chewing one for hours.

primal pooch

On a scale of one to five, how would you rate your pup in the following characteristics:

  • Adaptability - 4. We’ve never had any issues taking Ronnie with us and including him in other adventures. He’s happy as long as he’s with us and is a pretty chill guy. Though due to his size, I would say he’s not as adaptable as a smaller dog. We bought a new SUV to better accommodate him so that probably says enough.
  • Trainability - 5. While everyone probably scores their dog a 5, I mean it. Ronnie’s a true working dog. He seems to know when it’s time to work, when he should act like a star, and when he can get away with things ;) He’s excellent at reading situations like that. He’s also smart, an incredibly quickly learner, and extremely food motivated
  • Health & Grooming - 5. A dog’s breed and genetics definitely play a role in health but as you might guess I’d say, I think diet and exercise are extremely important. While purebreds and larger breeds are known to have more health problems, I rate Ronnie a 5 because we feed him an ancestral, raw meat diet. We always seem to get comments on his good looks, shiny coat, and clean teeth. As far as grooming, he’s pretty simple. He doesn’t’ shed as much as other breeds and washing, brushing and overall grooming is a breeze.
  • All-around friendliness  - 4. For a guardian breed, Ronnie is surprisingly friendly. He has an amazing temperament and does a fantastic job reading the situation and reading his owner. If I’m okay with someone, then he’s okay with someone. My friends are his friends, and if I had any enemies, I’m sure they’d be his enemies – it’s that simple.
  • Exercise needs  - 3. Think of Ronnie as more of a power lifter than a marathon runner. We exercise him daily, but he doesn’t need as much exercise as some other dogs like sporting breeds and terriers. He loves to play and tear through the yard but he’s not a breed that needs to be run for hours a day. He’s fine with shorter more engaging exercise sessions. If I had to choose one, he’s power vs endurance.


If Your Pup Had One Superpower, What Would It Be?

Super strength because, well, he already has that.

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Sticks and Bones – Modern Pet Branding

pet logo design

I’m always on the lookout for fresh logo and branding design for the pet market, and was drawn to Sticks and Bones. Bright colors, cheeky type, and bold icons create a modern twist on packaging for this contemporary dog company that sells toys and treats for your hip pooch.


pet packaging design

Get more pet packaging design inspiration here and here.

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Photos Of Dogs Taken After Being Rescued, Leaving The Shelter And Getting In The Car

dogs being rescued

A series of candid photos of dogs who’ve found their forever homes after waiting for months at the Chicago Animal Care and Control for a rescue to take them in.

Thinking of adopting a rescue dog? Here are 7 Important Questions to Ask.


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