Jump, Jump!

November 26th, 2014

TitledFreestyle Series’, photographer Julia Christe captured the images as the dogs jumped for an item that’s outside of the frame.

The resulting photographs are an amusing look at dogs in mid-air, displaying their fanned out fur coat in its full glory.


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Giveaway: Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes

November 24th, 2014

Cat scratching furniture is a biological impulse – albeit a pretty annoying one when it comes to your home decor. This behavior helps keep their claws in shape while providing a form of exercise for his/her shoulders, legs, and paws through stretching and retracting.

imperial cat scratch n' shape

Imperial Cat introduced me to their line of attractive and eco-friendly scratchers that meet your cat’s need to scratch without sacrificing your own furniture in the process. You’ll find a variety of styles (including seasonal Reindeer, Sleigh, North Pole Express and several Christmas Tree options) that compliment a variety of home decor too! The Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes also function as a unique play center designed for sleeping, rubbing and play.

Each scratcher is made in the USA with 100% recyclable paper. Each Scratch ‘n Shape comes with Certified Organic Catnip, when sprinkled on the scratcher it helps build kitty’s interest in the product and deters him from going after other or non-cat-friendly holiday decorations. Get one or two for your cat, or give as a gift.

Shapes are made from recyclables corrugated cardboard, patterns are printed with soy inks, and even recyclable after use.

imperial cat scratcher sleigh

Keep your cat from scratching the furniture by entering to win a holiday edition sleigh Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Cat Shaper below!

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Check out our holiday gift guides ($100 and under, $50 and under) for more pet gift ideas!


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Holiday Gifts for Pets: $50 and Under

November 24th, 2014

For your pup, only the best will do! This holiday season is no different. I had fun putting together the $50 and under gifts for pets guide below. From treats and toys to much-needed accessories, you’ll find alittle bit of everything for the four-legged family member below!

This roundup covers the gamut in terms of needs for your pup. Do you have a hyperactive or aggressive gulper (like this guy?!). Make meals healthier and more fun with a Nina Ottosson Interactive Game or feeder. (Don’t forget cats!)

Anxiety-ridden dogs will be dramatically calmed with the best dog anxiety treatment on the market – The Thundershirt. I swear it’s a miracle for Jake who erupts in barking fits during the summer fireworks and is now calm and collected.

I’ve also included some of my favorites from P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle & You, a personal favorite for their modern luxury and eco-friendly dog beds and seasonal dog toys. The chillpad, part of the Warms Bellies Initiative, is durable and easy to clean while fitting into most home decor styles.

Find more of my picks below!

holiday gifts for pets

Drink/Devour Ceramic Dog Bowls (on sale!) | Thundershirt

SoulFood – certified organic multivitamin | Dog Antler Chew | Leather Prism Pouch

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado | Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl | Chillpad (seen here)

 Hanukkah Toys | Eco-Chic Laminated “Tahbo” Dog Leash


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Pet Industry News for November 21st, 2014

November 21st, 2014

 portugese water dog


 The latest goings-on in the pet industry, summarized below:

Holiday Gifts for Pets: $100 and Under.

5 Phone Numbers Every Dog Owner Should Have Handy.

10 Fun Dog Calendars for 2015.

23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want.

Cold Weather Tips for Dogs.

New Branding and Website for Woof Pet Resort!


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5 Phone Numbers Every Dog Owner Should Have Handy

November 20th, 2014

File this post under ‘Things I Should Just Know.” I’ve gathered a list of phone numbers every pet owner should have in the event of an emergency. Print out (or pin!) this list for a handy and necessary resource when your dog needs assistance.

pet emergency hotline numbers

National Animal Poison Control Center: 1 888 426 4435

This call could save your dog’s life! Available 24-hours a day, The National Animal Poison Control Center is an emergency hotline available if you think that your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance. A consult fee applies.

Spay/Neuter Helpline: 1 800 248 SPAY

In the event you can’t afford spay/neuter services via your local vet, the Spay/Neuter Helpline is a trusted resource that will put you in touch with free or low cost spay and neuter services in your area. Help cut down on the millions of healthy cats and dogs that are euthanized each year due to there simply not being enough homes to house them.

Animal Legal Hotline: (707) 795-2533

The Animal legal Hotline is the number to call in the event you suspect a neighbor is abusing their dog, or you’re having issues with your landlord over a companion animal. This number is also helpful in reporting unethical practices you suspect veterinarians may be operating under. The Animal Legal Defense Fund can help with landlord-tenant disputes, veterinarian issues, neglect, and any form of abuse.

Emergency Disaster Information Line: 1 800 227 4645

In the unfortunate circumstance you’re affected by a natural disaster, dial up Emergency Disaster Information Line. This number provides support and relief information for pet owners living in areas affected by disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, fire and more.

Pet Travel Hotline: 1800 545 USDA

Traveling by plane with your dog? Cover all the bases by calling this number. Run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, this hotline provides travel resources, licensed pet transporter contact information, rules and regulations, and also assists those that believe their animal was treated inhumanely during travel.

In addition to these national hotlines and helplines, be sure to have your local vet (and emergency vet), in your phone contacts as an added safety precaution.


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