Giveaway: Kitty Kush Catnip with Built-in Grinder

June 22nd, 2015

If your cat is crazy about catnip you might be interested in this next giveaway!

Many cat owners know how annoying it is when a resealable ziplock bag doesn’t do the trick when it comes to feeding – either the portions are off and it gets messy really quick or worst, kitty takes to clawing the bag until they get their treat…

Kitty Kush Catnip takes care of those issues – and comes in a UV protected package to stay fresh from start to finish!

Enter below for your chance to win two all-natural catnip treats for an easier, mess-free solution to your cats snack-time.

kitty kush catnip

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Order Kitty Kush Catnip!

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Pet Business Profile: Anthony Rubio Design

June 11th, 2015

Growing up immersed in his Latin culture loving everything from music and cuisine to elaborate fashions, Master Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio took his formal education in women’s wear design and decades of experience creating and innovating new concepts and techniques before delving into the pet arena.

His work has been featured in Couture Dogs of New York along with many other very notable appearances you’ll discover below.

Read on to learn more about Anthony Rubio, his inspirations and philosophy, and take a glimpse of his beautiful work!

anthony rubio design

1. What is your background and what inspired you to get into doggie design?

I did get a formal education in fashion design back in the 1980’s but opted to take work in technologies and eventually education. It was after I rescued an abused Chihuahua I named Bandit that I developed an interest in creating canine clothes out of necessity. Chihuahuas tend to tremble from the cold and out of concern I started designing jackets and shirts for Bandit. It was for Halloween that I decided to delve back into my design background. On a friends advice, I entered Bandit into a costume contest at a local pet store. I created the most elaborate costume for him embellished in Swarovski crystals. Bandit went as Elvis the King and he actually won. First off, I made the costume complete with bell bottoms and cape out of silver spandex, allowing for flexibility which Bandit loved. He pranced in front of the judges and won their hearts. We went on to other events and people started taking notice of my creations. Before I knew it dog owners were asking to commission me for their pets.The rest, as they say, is history.

 anthony rubio design

2. Tell us more about your own pets? How did you come to be together?

As mentioned, I rescued Bandit under horrific circumstances. He’d been abused so badly that his patella’s were disfigured and we later found he’d suffered fractured ribs. Due to the abuse he instinctively bit in defense. The vet warned that if I put him in a shelter he would undoubtedly be put down. I chose to keep and rehabilitate him myself. The vet, after examining him found various issues and determined he might live a year maybe two. Bandit lived a full eight more years with me and became my muse. Bandit won pageants and contests as well as just about everyone’s heart. I made him a Doppelganger taking on the personas of such notables as Elvis, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump just to name a few. As a result of his fame Bandit graced the pages of many publications the likes of Sports Illustrated, The New York Daily News then showing up on Television shows such as The Today Show and  Comedy Central. Bandit proved to be a great travel companion and got to see the actual Eiffel Tower and other sights in France, the canals of Amsterdam, the cathedral in Cologne, Germany and many visits where he was celebrated in Las Vegas.

When Bandit passed away, of natural causes, a huge elaborate funeral was arranged for all his friends and fans to attend. His life was well celebrated and the location was filled to capacity.

Shortly after, I adopted twin Chihuahuas boys Bogie and Kimba who had big shoes to fill. They took up where Bandit left off continuing his legacy. At three months they appeared in Broadway show titled Dog Park for its full run. At five months the boys made their runway debut at the first ever New York Fashion Week Show for Canines. Bogie and Kimba along with many of their New York friends were photographed in acknowledgement for their fashions in a publication titled Couture Dogs of New York by famed photographer Paul Nathan. The boys did so well that they ended up gracing the cover. Their stars to fame had only begun to rise. To date, at almost four years of age Bogie and Kimba have had several television appearances including Good Morning America, have been featured in publications world wide such as Glamour, the U.K. Mail and have even had several International documentaries done both about them and my designs. Its funny that if you typed their names in just about any search engine online you would be surprised by what you would find. Ultimately one of my proudest moments was to have been featured with the boys on the front cover of the fashion publication Women’s Wear Daily which is a designer’s dream come true.

anthony rubio design

anthony rubio design

anthony rubio design

3. In terms of fashion, who do you look to for inspiration?

That is a funny question. There are so many who inspire me that I can’t get them all down but I can mention, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Edith Head, Bob Mackie, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Olivier Rusting (Balmain), Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Philip Treacy and the list seems endless but there is more. I am inspired by history, by film, by theater and most importantly by Art.
I live eat and drink all forms of art. I allow it all to inspire, guide and manifest itself into my creations. I get visions when I least expect them and quickly draw them on anything I can get my hands on. I create not what people expect but what they don’t even know they will admire and want. When they see my creations they are surprised, sometimes amazed and they suddenly want to own them or something unique which I have created that they can call their own. To me that is the epitome of Couture. Its about owning something custom made, unique, collectible and cherished.

4. Pets are some of our best muses. Do you find your pets receptive to modeling your designs?

Yes pets are great muses but let me clarify one thing. It is not for all pets. Not all pets are receptive and/or comfortable wearing clothes especially for the sake of fashion. Out of necessity they will wear a coat or sweater but hats, sunglasses and even foot wear is something that I feel that they must be conditioned to wear at an early age.
I must be clear again that “I Do Not Believe In Forcing A Pet To Wear Clothes.” I do get people wanting to dress their pets but I conduct an interview process because I need to know that I am not causing an animal any discomfort or having any part in bringing any misery to them. My designs, on the other hand, are created with great attention to comfort, breath ability and safety to the pet. Yes there has been an occasion where I dressed a pet that has never worn clothes and was pleasantly surprised to find that they liked it.


5. What’s your favorite animal charity?

Ever since rescuing Bandit I have been very involved in advocacy for as I put it, “Those who can not speak for themselves”. I advocate on such subjects as animal abuse, abandonment, population control and about medical conditions that many are not even aware of like various forms of canine cancer. When possible I champion the causes that bring awareness to the plight of animals that need care and loving homes.

I donate one third of the proceeds of the sales of my creations to different organizations such as Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, The Humane Society of New Rochelle among many worth while charities. There are so many and I wish I was able to do so much more but I help how and where I can.

Visit Anthony Rubio Designs
Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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Breed Showcase: Muffin the Cavoodle

May 28th, 2015

Love the next pup to be featured in the Breed Showcase! Pets have that miraculous way of making us happy and centered despite whatever may be going on in our lives. This quote from Pink hits it on the head!!

“I’ve always felt that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don’t fake or hide their feelings and they are the most loyal creatures on Earth. And somehow we humans think we’re smarter….what a joke.”

I love when pet parents want to share in the love on this corner of the web and what a way to stand out from the pack than the bright smile of Muffin. Alittle more #sunsouttonguesout just in time for summer! Enjoy :)



cavoodle girl

What is your dog’s name/nickname:

Muff or Muffie

How old is he/she?

9 months old or 11.25 dog years (I used a dog’s conversion calculator, not sure how accurate it is!)



How did you both come to be together?

My friend met with a breeder in Geelong. They are her family friend. She called me knowing that I wanted a puppy so I’ve asked for a photo. I saw baby muffin and I said I would drive down to Geelong to meet with her parents. It was about 2 hours drive from where I live. It was nervewrecking, I never had a dog before but have often play with my partner’s and friend’s dogs. When we arrived at the place, we saw Muffin and her sisters. Muffin was jumping around, pouncing on her sister and when she saw us, she prance up to us, I picked her up and said Yes, this is my puppy!

What are his/her favorite playthings?

Unlike other dogs, she doesn’t have a particular toy that she’s obsessed. She actually really loves being chased. She brings any of her toys to us, tempt us to take it away from her and run away quickly. If we don’t chase her, she will come up to us again inviting us to play.

How would you describe your dog’s personality?

She is very adaptive and carefree. I would say she is very very independent as well. Anyone who have met her would have known this. She tends to walk on her and scout new places. Surprisingly, she is much more intrigued with her surroundings when she is at a new place. If you have a packet of treats, she would sit for 5 seconds but if you don’t give it to her, she will just walk away and wonder around.




If your pup had one superpower, what would it be?

Self healing! She injured herself when she was younger, although it was not serious at all but it made me really worried. If she has super healing powers, I’ll never have to worry again.

How do you manage work, play, and puppy-time?

It is not as bad as I thought it would be. My sister comes home from school early and often spend time with Muffin. Once my partner and I are home, we usually take Muffin out for walks or just let her run freely at an oval near our place. The place is fully fenced and there are lights at night!


How can you forget that face! Thanks for dropping by Muffin :) You can catch more of this cutie on Instagram.



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So Your Puppy Has Worms?

May 13th, 2015

get rid of worms


Every pet owner would agree that having a dog is more than just owning a pet-it’s actually similar to welcoming another family member within your home. Therefore, it’s reasonable to feel worried and scared once your cute little friend catches boring parasites. Although worms belong to the group of most common “nasties” that your puppy can hook, it doesn’t mean they are harmless. Apart from obvious symptoms that heartworms and hookworms cause, you should know that your dog may also get tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms which are more likely to lead to hardly recognizable indications. Therefore, it’s very important to learn how to discover that your pup was attacked with worms, and what you should undertake in order to exterminate them.

how to get rid of worms


Figure out what symptoms worms cause

The possibility of worm’s contagion is not limited just to younger dogs, even adult ones can get them, but they often make greater health issues to little puppies. Bear in mind that dog may have worms for a long time without any signs of it, and once visible symptoms appear, it means that the number of parasites increased significantly, or dog’s organism is pretty weak to handle it. The most usual symptoms which refer to worm’s presence are related to:

  • Sudden and rapid weight loss – If you notice obvious weight reducing and inexplicable lack of appetite, it may indicate that the dog has worms. Besides, weight loss can sometimes escalate and result in skinny body structure.
  • Extreme energetic collapse – Most dogs that have worms lose their cheerful behavior and start to be indifferent, tired and sleepy.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting – Frequent vomiting may be certain sign of worms within canine body, and particular worm types are easily noticeable in dog’s puke. As well as this, persistent and durable diarrhea, especially if it’s followed with blood, can serve you as sure symptom of worm’s presence.
  • Low quality of hair coat and skin diseases – Hair coat of puppies infected with worms has bad visual appearance due to low shine, dried hair surface and brittleness. Not so rare, worms lead to excessive molt which can bring to great lack of hair on dog’s body. Apart from this, if you spot that your dog constantly scratches itself or if particular body parts are affected with rash, there’s a strong assumption that it has worms.
  • Progressive cough – Some parasites, but heartworms especially, tend to pupate within dog’s lungs or heart, causing oft coughing episodes. Therefore, any prolonged cough can give you one more reason to believe your pet is a host to worms.

puppy worms


How to release your puppy from worms?

If you noticed that your dog has one or all of the above symptoms, it would be recommendable to start anti-worms treatment timely, to prevent parasites to challenge dangerous health problems. Anyway, you can seek veterinarian advice and ask him to determine the exact type of intestinal worm, with an aim to create efficient combination of medicaments you should give to the dog. As a great de-worming option, you can use high quality worming tablets for dogs, which you can include in canine meals or drinks to enable your dog to swallow it easily. Besides, anti-worm medications are also available in the form of liquids and granules, but whatever you choose, remember that it can’t completely eliminate all kinds of worms. One of the greatest remedy you should consider is actually prevention, so ensure your beloved puppy consumes uncontaminated food, perform regular check-ups, and above everything, keep its space clean and neat.


puppy worms



Roxana is an adventurer, a frequent traveler, and an animal loving person from Sydney, Australia. She is very passionate about the environment and she loves to write about topics that interest her. Roxana is a proud mom of two really clumsy dogs Brando and Astor, and a mischievous cat Archibald.

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A Boy And His Dogs

May 6th, 2015

The bond between boy and dog is real in this series of photographs from lifestyle photographer Stasha Becker. Her instagram account captures the bond between her son Julian and his two Newfoundland pups Bruce and Max. An arabian stallion named Vizon rounds out this adorable bunch. Here are some snippets from the series…
a boy and his dogs

stasha becker photography

stasha becker

stasha becker photography

Follow Northwest Mommy for more of the series

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